General terms and conditions of sale

Art. 1 Those General Terms and Conditions of sale apply to all sales made from the Internet site Those sales are only for consumers, namely physical persons purchasing without professional purpose. All clients should carefully read those General Terms and Conditions and accept them before any purchase. Contracts done with Amalia Mattaör through the Internet site are done under the French law and specifically the law n°2004-575 on trust in the digital economy.

Art. 2 Products which are for sale on-line are a selection of the current collection and all information on products for sale are available on the Internet site. Yet pictures can differ somewhat from the actual appearance of products. For any question, please contact us at All products for sale are available according to stock and Amalia Mattaör can at any time modify the quantities which are available and products for sale style, model and colors can also vary at any time. During the sale process Amalia Mattaör will inform the client in case of any issue regarding the availability of the ordered product.

Art. 3 Prices are specified in euros on the Internet site, all taxes being included. Transportation fee will be added to the product prices and will appear separately on the order form.

Art 4 Features and prices appear on the Internet site for each and every product for sale. Before submitting her order, the client must read and understand all order instructions and the present General Terms and Conditions of sale. To make an order, the client must fill-in an order form and send it to Amalia Mattaör through the Internet site. The client must put her products in her cart, read the General Terms and Conditions of sale, select the payment mean and validate her order. Before validating her order the client must control that the information she provides including the quantities of products she wants to buy are correct. In case of mistake the client must follow the Internet site instructions to correct them. By validating her order, the client acknowledges that she read all instructions and that she accepted the General Terms and Conditions of sale. Information provided by the client will be kept confidential and only for the duration allowed by the applicable law.

Art. 5 Clients can pay for their products and the transportation fees with any of the following debit or credit card: Visa, MasterCard. Transactions are debited only when i) card data are verified, ii) debit authorization is received from the card emitter and iii) product availability is confirmed and the order ready to be executed. No debit will ever be done when validating the order, except when an amount is required to verify the card validity. Amalia Mattaör accepts bank transfers. All corresponding costs will be bared by the client.

Art. 6 The contract between Amalia Mattaör and the client is concluded when the client receives the confirmation from Amalia Mattaör that her order sent through the Internet site has been successfully executed and the price duly debited using a debit or credit card or via bank transfer. Amalia Mattaör can execute only part of the order when one or several products are not available. In such a case only the amount corresponding to the partial order will be debited. Amalia Mattaör is not responsible for error due to the client’s connection to the Internet site. Amalia Mattaör will provide to the client along with the product delivery a detailed invoice including the product description, the General Terms and Conditions of sales as well as all necessary information on how to use the product. The client is invited to check that everything is really there and nothing is missing.

Art. 7 Without prejudice of Article 6, no order will be accepted and no contract will be concluded if Amalia Mattaör has reasons to believe the client i) buys products for commercial or professional purposes, ii) is not trustworthy or iii)is tempting to retract without authorized motive.Amalia Mattaör will then notify the client, cancel the order and contract and cancel any debit from the client.

Art. 8 For security reasons, purchased products will be dispatched to the address corresponding to the debit or credit card, unless otherwise notified by the client. In case of money transfer the products. An invoice will be provided with each product dispatch. Orders will be delivered by express mail, delivered on working days only. Amalia Mattaör will not be responsible for any delay due to the express mail company. Except in case of force majeure, all products will be delivered within 30 days after the contract validation day. For any delivery longer than 30 days, the client will be entitled to return the product and ask for a refund, which Amalia Mattaör will pay as soon as possible after receiving the returned product. The client or her representative must be present during the delivery and check that that the parcel is clearly sealed and that the number of products corresponds to the mention on the delivery note.

Art. 9 Clients have the right to retract from their orders sent to Amalia Mattaör via the Internet site within 7 (seven) days after receiving the product without any explanation. To execute her retraction right the client must send an email to indicating her intention for retraction, the details of the products involved and the order number. The returned product must have not been used, must not show any damage and must stil have the original marking and labeling all intact. Amalia Mattaör can refuse returned products which do not respect those requirements. Products bought over the Internet site must be returned by mail, all costs being bared by the client. All deliveries include instructions for returning products. Returned products must be sent by express mail, Amalia Mattaör will not reimburse any lost, stolen or damaged product, which are not Amalia Mattaör’s fault.

Art. 10 The retraction rights described in Article 9 do not apply to any tailor made product.

Art. 11 The retraction right described in Article 9 can be used to exchange a product for another one on the Internet site. The replacing product will be sent free of charge to the client. In case of an exchange the details of the exchange must be sent by email to A new invoice will be sent with the delivery mentioning the exchange details and validating the extra debit or the credit for the client, which will be executed as soon as possible after receiving the returned product.

Art. 12 Any manufacturing default requiring the repair of the product must be notified by email to The product will be sent back to Amalia Mattaör which will bear the cost of delivery and repair. If repair cannot be done, the product will be replaced by the same one sent free of charge. If the expressed manufacturing default is not justified, Amalia Mattaör will send it back to the client and will invoice the express mail fees.

Art. 13 Amalia Mattaör will always publish on its Internet site updated information. In any case Amalia Mattaör cannot guarantee the Internet site will contain no error. Amalia Mattaör can adjust errors even after an order has been received as well as at any time without prior notice.

Art. 14 Amalia Mattaör guarantees that all products bought on the Internet site are authentic and are covered with property rights belonging to Amalia Mattaör.

Art. 15 The interpretation, implementation and integration of the contract will be governed by French law even in the case of a foreign buyer and/or in the case of legal action initiated abroad by Amalia Mattaör. The implementation of the UN Convention on the International Sale of property (Vienna Convention) is in all cases ruled out.

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